Remodeling the society with male companions

Remodeling the society with male companions

male companionsIt is just about a year since I began to render male companions services but I am already feeling the impact of my sacrifice in the lives of the neighbourhood dwellers. The neighbourhood I grew it was a quiet one. You would rarely hear someone raising his or her voice on another. Everyone minded their business. I had no reason to move out of that location but I did. I made a couple of short travels which were business oriented and it was during one of those travels that I noticed male companionship services. Before that epic discovery, there was a day I sat in the bar and was taking shots of vodka after a hectic day. This very pretty young lady walked up to the bar and sat beside me. She ordered a bottle of beer. The influence of my home society has made it difficult for me to start up a conversation with a stranger.

She had only had her first sip from the bottle when she turned to me and said, “Hello. You offer male companions?”

“Ma..le what?” I nearly choked on the words. She took me by total surprise. I did not come here to chat but I knew it would be rude to ignore such a fine lady.

Male companions,” she retorted, “haven’t you heard about that before”.

I didn’t want to say yes or no so that I would not end up embarrassing myself. I smartly said, “Tell me more”.

Male companions,” she began, “guys that you hire when you are feeling lonely or depressed to help you get over the gloom and,” she pressed her teeth together, “sometimes sex” she snarled.

I giggled. She went ahead to explain more about male companions and each word that came out of her mouth increased my interest about this male companions thing. I wondered why I never knew of the existence of such a service for a long time – how would I have known anyway when in my neighbourhood everyone lived like an island and minded their business. We spoke into the night and she explained all she knew and told me she has been using their services for no less than three years. She said they were her solace anytime she was down or depressed or had any bad experience. She did not fail to mention that she found them particularly interesting because she felt free to share her burdens and joy with them knowing that they will always be supportive and suggest ways to help her feel better or get her out of terrible situations.

It was an epiphany to me and as the day ran down she took me to a room in one of the hotels and paid for it.

“I want you to be my male companion tonight,” she said with a big grin but I thought it was all a joke she was trying to make up – but it turned out she was damn serious. Through that night, we teased, laughed, smiled, cuddled, cracked jokes for each other. I believe her assumption was that I was making her feel good but in the grand scheme of things, I think I enjoyed the companionship more than she did. Around 1 am, she got really horny and I too had become still. We went under the sheet and the next 30mins to 1 hour was characterized by soft moans and dirty talk. When we had had enough and I had exploded inside her, we wrap around each other and slept. She was the first to wake up in the morning around 6 am. She said she had to be at work in the next two hours. Quickly, she took her bath and dressed up. I still lay on the bed exhausted but longing for more. Before she left the room, she leaned forward and kissed my forehead and said, “You are such a natural”. That really made me smile. She dipped her hand into her back pocket and counted some notes which she placed on the table.

The whole thing felt like a dream; one moment I was a business negotiator for my company and in the next, I am branded a male companionship provider. I returned to my quiet neighbourhood and introduced some young men to the business and today they sing my praise.

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