What is happening to our male escorting agencies?

What is happening to our male escorting agencies?

male escortingA friend of mine was lamenting bitterly of how male escorting were ripping male escorts off but I neither get the entire detail nor did he propose a way forward. That small voice of bitterness from a friend about the ill-treatment of male escorting is now burgeoning to a loud cry because I can hear more and more of the same complaints as I move around the neighbourhood. It saddens me that both sides don’t know how much they need each other. Male escorts need male escorting agencies and vice versa. Without male escorts, male escorting agencies would be virtually useless and without male escorting agencies, male escorts will have a terrible time building their career. The synergy is what makes life easier for both of them.

When I started working as a male escort many years ago, I did it in my lonely remote area. I could as well brag that I was the only male escort at that time. It was frustrating and I felt like I was stagnated of some sorts. Only a handful knew me and only a smaller handful knew I was a male escort. After close to five years, I decided it was time to make my move. I came to a bigger city. While I complained that only a small – very tiny amount – of people knew me in my former location, here no one knew me at all. What this meant was that I would have needed to g through the tiring – and sometimes shameful – process of introducing myself to the people. I did a little research and found out that things were done differently in the city. There were lots of male escorting agencies out there which I could just signup to and in so doing increase my visibility.

First experiences are always thrilling especially if it is one that sparks a light into your career, kind of seems to lift it to a new height. Even then, I heard people talk about credible and distasteful male escorting agencies but I did not take them seriously or even think they knew what they were saying. The euphoria of my enlightenment still flooded my system with dopamine which set me in a good mood. Well, if you are thinking that I have joined the bandwagon who are lamenting about male escorting agencies, you are so wrong. I still hold male escorting in high esteem. If you have ever slept on the floor, you would appreciate a mat. For some of us who began our career from rock bottom, male escorting agencies is a privilege and we can only be biased in guarding it as such. I guess the majority of those complaining about agencies are those who began their career with the same agencies. To me, it is a question of not knowing what you want till you have lost it. I guess they will think differently of male escorting if they happen to fall back to the rock bottom where I started.

However, I am not exonerating the agencies completely; they do have their sublime flaws – but what doesn’t have? You see, monotony kills interest. It is a general rule and applies to every facet of life. Some of the male escorting agencies have not changed even a single word on their page talk more of striving to add one or two new services since their onset and, I heard, some are more than a decade old – so how will someone who has followed them for so long not feel like they are stuck?

Agencies should realize that those constant changes to their services, tweaking of their websites and all help in many ways that they cannot imagine. Those changes that may seem small have a way of instilling excitement into people. I believe that if the various services have but even a slight effort in tweaking their services, male escorts would not feel so bad about them. Coming online to see the same old pictures, same old font, same old texts can be a little bit of a bore. After such a long time, it is only normal for the male escorts to begin to feel like there is no one at the other end.

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